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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mounting a Plasma TV Above a Fireplace (Part II)

Plasma on Wall 1
Originally uploaded by darronschall.

And that's what a plasma TV above a fireplace looks like. The wires are a little rough looking but he swears they covered them up. If you're wondering about how the heat from the fireplace affects the it, go to Darron's flickr page and ask him yourself (or maybe I'll beat you to it). If you miss the first one, look below.

Congrats on the install man and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried this on a brick wall above a fireplace? I have the type of bricks with the three holes in the center of them, and wonder if they can hold my 42" LCD, with VESA 400 x 200 mount?

Anonymous said...

Cast blocks will hold your TV. I recommend you pre-drill pilot holes with a wire-drill to determine what kind of anchor to use. If the blocks were filled with morter as they were set - I'd use expansion type anchors. If hollow - I'd use simple drywall type anchors (not the plastic junk). Dependnign on where your holes end up in relation to the blocks and their casting and grout lines - you may need to use a combiination - this will be a very easy mount - just take your time, get the right bits to drill the holes.

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